Job Description

The Specialist is regarded as the Subject Matter Expert on a specific technology platform/packages (such as Microsoft/ Java or areas like CMS packages etc.) and brings in-depth development, design and architecture expertise to lend support to the delivery of complex solutions on that platform. 

High-level grouping of responsibilities (broken down into tasks / activities) that a given role needs to perform in order to be successful

Key Responsibility Areas Major Activities

Development & Support
a. Develops reusable frameworks/components and POCs to accelerate development on projects
b. Owns consistency and high quality in solution delivery
c. For package implementations, helps create best practices/approaches to be leveraged by the team,
d. Sets up the development and production environments and troubleshoots performance issues
e. Troubleshoots complex technical issues on projects (act as a "consultant" to the project)

Architecture & Design
a. Participates in architecture and design reviews for projects that require complex technical solutions
b. For package implementations, performs the gap analysis between business requirements and the package features and design the configuration, customizations, extensions, interfaces required to meet the requirements

Planning, Tracking and Estimation
a. Estimates the implementation and deployment of the various modules based on each module design and how the module fits into the overall project architecture, construction and testing strategy and overall project plan
b. Assists the architect in coming up with the overall estimates for the project along with any key risks and issues and their mitigation
c. Reports progress and issues to the Manager in a timely manner. In particular, to relay issues that might impact on quality or the ability to deliver to timescales or estimates
d. Works with team on the development of standards, processes and procedures related to application security, upgrade management, capacity, planning, application deployment, performance monitoring/tuning, and failover and disaster recovery
Client Management
a. Represents the organization in customer-facing communication pertinent to Sapient’s technical expertise on the specific platform
b. Interacts with multiple clients (client senior developers and architects) to create technology specifications from the business issues/requirements at an application level

Practice Support
a. Supports capability building for the organization (tutorials, white papers etc) in their areas of expertise
b. Develops and promote architectural best practices and standards

Thought Leadership
a. Actively identifies areas of focus and gain expertise through various activities like POC, research etc.
b. Stays abreast with the current affairs of their specialization in terms of leading packages and vendors, forthcoming architectures and trends, and knowledge of existing and forthcoming standards.
c. Predicts and monitors the technology adoption curve

J2EE - Application Servers, Java - ORM, Java - Spring Framework, Core Java, J2EE, SQL Development Languages, Java - Swing Applet, Java - Web Presentation Frameworks, Java - Messaging Implementation, Java Web Services, Enterprise Architecture Planning (REAP),
Planning/ Execution & Tracking, Scoping and Estimating, Data Modeling, High Availability and Failover Applications, High Throughput / Transaction Application, Logical Architecture Design, OOAD and UML, Package / Vendor Selection, Performance / Capacity Planning

i. Demonstrates ability to lead a technical design of a module using the JDK 1.5 or above
ii. Demonstrates ability to recommend the design patterns to be used for a Java application.
iii. Demonstrates ability to work independently to get closure on Java design strategies for topics such as logging, exception handling and unit testing.
iv. Understands concepts related to and has written code for advanced topics such as Java IO, Serialization, and Threading.
v. Demonstrates ability to tune the performance of a Java application.
vi. Involved in defining coding standards and best practices for Java applications. Has at least two years of experience.
vii. Works with various libraries if applicable. Customizes frameworks and tools (i.e. custom tags in JSP).
viii. Plays a lead role for multiple development projects using Swing Applet and trains other colleagues.
ix. Evaluates and presents pros and cons of various approaches. Effectively contributes to working complex issues or solutions. Demonstrates a deep understanding of the evolution of the technology.
x. Accurately creates custom controls in Swing Applet.
xi. Successfully performs in more than one of the following areas: MVC patterns, caching patterns, threading patterns, validation patterns, Client Memory Management techniques, lazy loading techniques and profiling methods.
xii. Demonstrates proficiency in one of the Messaging Systems : Tibco, Vitria, webMethods, JMS
xiii. Demonstrates proficiency in one of the Java - Web Presentation Frameworks : Java - JSFs, Java - Struts, and Java - Spring MVC.
xiv. Has experience of using Spring FW in at least 2 to 3 projects.
xv. Is able to create POJO based architectures using Spring FW - e.g.
xvi. Is able to use Spring as a glue between presentation FW and Business to access either POJO based services layer or EJB(2.0 and 3.0) based.
xvii. Articulates lifecycle management callback APIs of Spring.
xviii. Articulates how to debug Spring POJOs should there be a need.
xix. Articulates at a high level what are dynamic proxies.
xx. Is able to use out-of-container testing using Spring and JUnit 3.x, 4.x or TestNG
xxi. Leads teams through Business and IT Strategy (BITS) projects, especially REAPs.
xxii. Has participated in multiple Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) projects. Articulates the value and process of EAP to senior executives. Ensures EAP is not a purely academic exercise, but provides rapid value for clients. Familiar with the vendor space.
xxiii. Provides expertise on how new technology trends might apply to client situations.
xxiv. Plays a key role in the creation of logical architecture diagrams for at least two complex applications and/or systems.
xxv. Works with open source and commercial tools that may be used to create and model the logical architecture for an application.
xxvi. Defines processes to be followed while creating a logical architecture diagram.
xxvii. Captures the various tiers of the architecture and models them in the diagram along with the various external systems and interfaces that the application interacts with in the environment.
xxviii. Accurately maps use cases and requirements to the components in the logical architecture diagram and further down to the packaging and deployment diagram.
xxix. Can identify use cases that need to be detailed to create a logical architecture diagram
Can identify Enterprise Architecture patterns to be leveraged in the Logical Architecture Design.
xxx. Is able to coach and mentor others in use of GoF, GRASP and other design patterns.
xxxi. Drives the creation of deployment diagrams, composite diagrams (packaging diagrams), object diagrams, timing diagrams and state diagrams using UML notation.
xxxii. Effectively evaluates the various tools available in the marketplace (open source and commercial) that support UML and suggests the right tools to use to accomplish the project objectives in terms of documenting the requirements of the project using UML notations.
xxxiii. Conducts core activities of planning and tracking such as setting up a plan in the Plan Tool or the chosen project management tool for the project, assigning stories to iterations (if relevant), and managing the plan in terms of issue/dependency tracking and milestones.
xxxiv. Facilitates risk sessions with clients and Sapient team.
xxxv. Leads activities for decomposing requirements into associated stories. or other relevant sub units
xxxvi. Facilitates scope management with clients as well as oversees estimates using Wide Band Modified Delphi technique or any other chosen estimation technique.
xxxvii. Manages multiple projects and other situations requiring scope change management Processes.
xxxviii. Can explain performance and capacity planning concepts and processes. Can performance tune applications using various runtime tools provided for at least one technology stack.
xxxix. Can actively manage profiling an application for thread management, resource locking, memory and CPU profiling, I/O profiling, race condition management, TPM-C measurement.
xl. Can drive the evaluation of performance monitoring tools based on open source or commercial products and recommend tools that are optimal for project requirements.
xli. Can carve out critical transactions of the system and map them to user and volume load.
xlii. Can map out various performance criteria for critical transactions and generate inputs for generating the TPM-C statistics.
xliii. Can develop tools and/or fact sheets and usage of industry wide techniques that would help mode and drive the TPM-C and the capacity requirements for the hardware.

Desired Skills & Experience

Other Skills Required

J2EE - Application Servers, Java – ORM, J2EE, SQL Development Languages, Java - Web Presentation Frameworks, Data Modeling, High Availability and Failover Applications, High Throughput / Transaction Application, Package / Vendor Selection   .

Company Description

Sapient Global Markets is a leading provider of services to today's financial and commodity markets. We provide a full range of capabilities to help our clients grow and enhance their businesses, create robust and transparent infrastructure, manage operating costs, and foster innovation throughout their organizations. Designing and delivering high-impact solutions for the opportunities and issues of today's dynamic global marketplace requires a complete and well-integrated suite of capabilities and a strong set of methodologies. To meet these challenges, we maintain major practices in Advisory Services, Analytics, Technology, and Process Solutions as well as unique methodologies in program management, technology development and process outsourcing.The Sapient Global Markets team operates in key centers relevant to the financial and commodity markets around the world including Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York, Calgary, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Geneva, Munich, Zurich, and Singapore. We also operate large technology development and operations outsourcing centers in Delhi, Noida and Bangalore, India. We pride ourselves on our record of attracting, training and retaining the highest quality people available in the industry. This deep commitment to people and our unique "People Strategy" has given us one of the highest employee retention rates in the industry. It is routinely a hallmark of customer feedback and clearly linked to our consistently leading customer satisfaction scores.

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