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        - I request you all please don’t send any fake resumes.
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     [1] IT JOBS @ Bank of America [Hyderabad]

            C++, Core java, Perl, SQL Developer/ BA & QA

  1) Job Code: GFX_1  

      Skill Set                : Core java                              
      Experience            : 5-7yrs        
      Location                : Hyderabad            
      Detailed Skill Set :
            - Strong Core Java- (Very Important)
            - Hibernate- (Very Important)
            - Weblogic Experience- (Important)
            - Investment Banking Exp-(Good to have)    
2) Job Code: PIW
      Skill Set                : Core java                           
      Experience            : 5-7yrs       
      Location                : Hyderabad 
      Detailed Skill Set :
            - Core java, JDK1.5, Hibernate-(Very Important)
            - Strong Exp on: Memory Management-(Very Important)
            - Jprobe, Jprofiler- (Important)
3) Job Code: GFX_2
      Skill Set                : C++                              
      Experience            : 5-7yrs
      Location                : Hyderabad    
      Detailed Skill Set :
            - C++, Unix- (Very Important)
            - C# (Good to have)
            - Investment Banking Experience-(Good to have)
4) Job Code: CSI
      Skill Set                : Core Java                                  
      Experience            : 7-9yrs          
      Location                : Hyderabad    
      Detailed Skill Set :
            - Hibernate, Weblogic-(Very Important)
            - Good Experience in: Investment Banking Domain
5) Job Code: ETT
      Skill Set                : Perl                             
      Experience            : 3-5yrs        
      Location                : Hyderabad    
      Detailed Skill Set :
            - Perl CGI, Apache and Mod_Perl-(Very Important)
            - Oracle 9i/10g-(Very Important)
            - Strong Unix skills (Linux,Solaris), Shell-scripting experience-(Important)
            - Fundamental algorithms and Data structures, including RDBMS concepts-
6) Job Code: Credit_1
      Skill Set                : SQL Developer                         
      Experience            : 5-7yrs
      Location                : Hyderabad    
      Detailed Skill Set :
       Database                         : MS SQL Server2000/05(VeryImportant)                                                      
- MS SQL Server Analysis Services(2000/05)-(Very IMP)
- Strong SQL skills including Query optimization, Stored Procedures,Views &
- Knowledge of data manipulation using stored procedures  
                & MS Data Transformation Services-(Very Important)
- Hands on, SQL Server fail –over cluster, logshipping, SQL diagnostic manager,
    backup & Restore, Migration of SQL Server to 2005/08-(Very Important)
- Strong experience in OLTP and Relational OLTP systems,Transact-SQL, MDX,
     Data transformation and Consolidation (DTS, SSIS) - (Very Important)
- Must have strong attention to detail and experience producing high quality
     structured SQL code-(Very IMP)  
- Experience dealing with large scale systems (> 500 GB)
- Excellent communication skills and a strong work ethic-IMP 
7) Job Code: Credit_2
      Skill Set                : BA & QA                               
      Experience            : 6-8yrs         
      Location                : Hyderabad    
      Detailed Skill Set :
            - Master’s Degree from a quantitative Discipline such as Computational / Quantities
                 Finance– (Very Important)
            - Ability to multitask-(Very Important)
            - Excellent Excel Skills, Experiences with SQL-(Very Important)
            - Knowledge of Stochastic Finance and Credit Derivatives (IMP)
            - JAVA J2EE- (Good to have)
            - MS/SQL Server 200/2005-(Good to have)
            - OLTP and OLAP – (Good to have)
            - Knowledge of Microstrategy- (Good to have)  

     [2] IT Jobs @ BACS  [Chennai & Mumbai]

           Sybase Developer, Core Java, Multithreading, Perl, Sybase,   C++, UNIX/ Shell, Perl/ Java, J2EE/ Testing/ C#, .Net/ VC++

8) Job Code: Equities_1
      Skill Set                : Sybase Developer                   
      Experience            : 4-5yrs          
      Location                : Mumbai   
      Detailed Skill Set : Strong Experience Sybase, Perl, UNIX, Shell Development 
                                       Experience only
9) Job Code: Equities._2
      Skill Set                : Core Java, Multithreading                                
      Experience            : 5-7yrs        
      Location                : Mumbai     
      Detailed Skill Set :
            - Strong Core Java, Hilbernate, Spring 
            - Investment Banking experience- (Good to have)
            - Preference to IITians
10) Job Code: QAR  
      Skill Set                : Perl, Sybase                            
      Experience            : 3-5 yrs
      Location                : Mumbai
      Detailed Skill Set : Strong experience in Perl & Sybase Development experience only.
11) Job Code: Equities_3 

      Skill Set                : Java, J2EE                    
      Experience            : 4-6yrs
      Location                : Chennai
      Detailed Skill Set : Core Java, Threading, I/O Networking Spring, Hibernate


12) Job Code: Equities_4 

      Skill Set                : C++, UNIX         
      Experience            : 4-5yrs
      Location                : Mumbai
      Detailed Skill Set :
            - Strong in C++ on UNIX, Experience in Multithreading.
            - Database-Oracle
            - Investment Banking Experience (Good to have)

13) Job Code: Equities_5

      Skill Set                : VC++           
      Experience            : 5-7yrs
      Location                : Mumbai
      Detailed Skill Set :
- Expert in VC++ and Windows Programming.
            - Good in Multithreading ATL, COM, MFC (Good to have)


14) Job Code: Equities_6

      Skill Set                : UNIX, Shell, Perl          
      Experience            : 2-6yrs
      Location                : Chennai/ Mumbai
      Detailed Skill Set :
           - Requirement in Production Support process in Chennai and Mumbai.
            - Expert in UNIX, Shell, Perl with Database experience


15) Job Code: GMRT_1

      Skill Set                 : Shell, Perl          
      Experience            : 3-5yrs
      Location                : Mumbai
      Detailed Skill Set : Strong on Perl, Shell scripting with Testing experience

16) Job Code: GMRT_2

      Skill Set                 : Mannual Testing      
      Experience             : 2-5yrs
      Location                 : Chennai
      Detailed Skill Set : Strong Manual Testing with SQL experience

17) Job Code: GMRT_3

      Skill Set                 : QTP Expert          
      Experience             : 2-6yrs
      Location                 : Chennai
      Detailed Skill Set :
Very strong QTP scripting skills

18) Job Code: Credit_3 

      Skill Set                : C#, .Net                       
      Experience            : 6-8yrs
      Location                : Mumbai
      Detailed Skill Set:
- Windows Development with C#, .NET – (Very Important).
            - Design Patterns and Practices-(Very Important)
            - Oracle/SQL Server Skills-(Very Important)
            - SSIS/DTS experience-( Very Important)
            - Python, VBA-(Good to have)
            - Knowledge of WCF and WPF (Good to have)
            - Knowledge on Intex-(Good to have)

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Suresh Chowdary Yepuri

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