A job descriptions is the most important document, it is a list of tasks, functions and responsibilities that the person performs in a particular position.The main use of a job description is to organise the work for example who is responsible for a particular tasks, who reports to who, it also provides essential information so that it will be helpful for recruitment and selection of the right person for the job, job description are also important for contract making between the employee and the employer and also to set out individual responsibilities and individual objectives clearly,it basically sets out the purpose of a job and position of the job in the organisation the main aim of creating a job description is to keep track of the accountabilities and responsibilities of the job and the key tasks that has to be performed, it may include to whom the job reports, specifications of the employed like qualifications or skills the salary in some cases. 

·         A job description is required for smooth functioning of the organisation,
·         the main purpose of making a job description is for the classification of the employees and to make the organisational chart
·         to make the job holder responsible and guide the employees towards achieving the goal of the organisation
·         To motivate them towards their functions and responsibilities and over all sound function of the organisation.
·         As each job description has its specifications it helps in avoiding disputes among the employees.
·         all the responsibilities are assigned in the document each one works based on it without any misunderstanding and with full responsibility
The main aspects that a job description covers upon broadly can be tasks and functions that has to be performed in the tenure, the details of qualifications and skills required for the job, it can also be helpful to set out the persons who are not fit for the job, it defines the position of the person in the organisation like who reports who, salary range and the modes of payments are also specified, it does not just describes about the duties in the present but also the responsibilities and duties to be performed in the future.A job description not just defines the work according to the current situation but also specifies work that is expected hence the employee can work accordingly for betterment of individual and organization.
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