How to Avoid Most Common Interview Mistakes?
Most of the time when we go for interviews we tend to get well prepared, well dressed, jot down a note on what to say, what to present and how to present but we seldom think about what to . We all do mistakes and most of them turn out to be silly but they cost a lot, especially when we do not have much to pay for it. Whether you know it or not it definitely takes a lot of effort from both ends, to reach up to an interview and it is always suggested to give it a best shot. Though it is a general paradigm but not always the interviewer looks for suitable skills and experience; it is the right attitude, which makes the difference. Here is a list of some silly errors we tend to ignore but are well observed at the interview. 

1. Arrogance :---
Talking of techies, first thing comes to anyone mind is high-handedness. Yes, you got the knowledge, the experience and also the right quality but also you got arrogance. Over confidence sometime shows the interviewer that you are of chesty in nature. Answers like Thats nothing, I have solved bigger problems should be replaced with Oh!!! That is interesting, I have solved similar problems Ever heard of great people talking on their ego? You too are great; just maintain your cool and you would reach where you want to go.

2. Money Minded :---
Money is surely very important part of the job, but lets not give emphasis to it during the interview. First, you need to prove that you are the one the company is looking for. After things are passed, you can discuss these things with the HR people. Remember, when you proved yourself well in the interview, there is a chance that you can bargain with the HR, but if you are out from the 1st round itself, you do not even get the original offer. There is a chance that the interviewer would like to know why you want to change your current job; do not mention that it is for money. Think about it and talk intelligently.

3. Too much talking or not talking at all :---
Another common blunder we do is, talk, talk and keep talking as if this is the only chance you get during the entire interview process and eventually the same thing happens. You know that you are being asked to prove yourself and not to provide yourself. So talk intelligently and always keep good pause to give the chance to the interviewer to interrupt. This will make the conversation live from both ends. Another way, at times we are not communicative at all. This is clear cut signal that you are not fit for a team player. This might also give an indication that you are not interested in the job, role etc.

4. Lack of Involvement :---
When you are at the interviewers wager, you got to show interest with the interviewing process. Not showing interest or showing lack of interest would lessen your chance for the selection. When you are asked or conveyed something, be curios to know more and also be a good listener. You need to ask question that would be of common interest or in the interest of the company.

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