Tips for Corporate Training

In this article I would like to discuss a few points which will enable the reader to be a good corporate trainer.

Knowledge of the subject: A good amount of reading is required to speak on a subject. The subject should be well assimilated before delivering a talk on it. Being well-versed with the subject contributes to 80% of the confidence level of the speaker.

Confidence: Confidence comes only if one has put in the right effort. Then there is nothing to fear. One should be sincere enough to put in the right effort.

A pleasant and calm personality: Even a trainer in technical topics should do a good amount of philosophical reading to have a pleasant, calm and composed personality. When one speaks, one creates an atmosphere around him/her. If the mind is calm, an atmosphere of calmness is created around. Hence the learning process is speedened up. The positiveness gathered from good and inspiring thoughts of the philosophers, is transmitted to the listeners, even if the trainer is speaking on technical topics. The speech of a trainer equipped with positive thoughts is much more powerful.

Good amount of listening and reading: The trainer will teach others, but who will teach the trainer? One should not miss an opportunity to listen to technical webcasts, online sessions, recorded sessions, live lectures on the topics related to one's training. One should constantly read books from reputed authors to understand the subject to the fullest. This enables a trainer to enrich his/her storehouse of knowledge.
Many a time listening to a sermon from a genuine spiritual Guru, priest enables a trainer to inculcate positiveness, sweetness and simplicity in speech. One is sometimes marvelled to see how Bhagavad Kathakars (pundits  who  expound the Bhagavad Scripture), keep the public listening to them for 6 hours i.e. 9 am to 12 noon and 3 pm to 6 pm. They have a good amount of stability in their posture and are very slow, calm and composed. Similar qualities are required even in corporate training.

Joy of learning and imparting knowledge: A trainer has to be full of enthusiasm and should happily learn new things and happily impart the knowledge. It is better to be less calculative while imparting knowledge. Once the mind starts calculating the returns; enthusiasm drops down.

Complete Absorption while teaching: While taking a class one should be completely absorbed in the subject. Let the subject rule the class atmosphere.

Personal life: A trainer's personal life should be on peaceful terms with everyone.

Intimacy with the audience: Stage fear can be overcome, by realising the fact that the people who are listening to us are after all human beings like us. Why should one human being get scared of another just because one is a speaker and the other is a listener? Once we start looking upon the participants as human beings and not as managers, CEOS; stage fear will vanish. Whatever be the high level standards in the style of the managers and CEOS and Software engineers who are attending the training, they are all after all human beings.
While teaching maximum justice should be done to the topic. The subject should be well respected by the trainer and attendees.

Politeness: Never insult a student/participant or attendee of the training. A person who is listening to you with faith should not be insulted in anyway. Be polite with all of them and convey your point.

Simplicity: The corporate world is regarded as a complex world. The best way of dealing with complexity, is to be simple. It is better to have simple examples to highlight a particular concept. The language should be simple and grammatically correct.

Use of slides and whiteboard marker: Slides enable a trainer to control the flow of the session and also enable the topic delivery on time. But a certain amount of gap is created between the trainer and the participants if slides are extensively used.
The  use of a whiteboard marker is a very effective way of training. The trainer's state of mind is reflected when he/she draws or writes on the board. A trainer who knows how to efficiently use the marker/chalk,  creates a lasting impression on the mind of the training attendees.

Dress code: The trainer's dress code should be such that it doesn't distract the listeners.

Clarity: Before leaving the platform, ensure that there is clarity in thought. Do not leave the audience in a confused state with a question mark before exiting the stage/classroom.

Finally Listen,  Read,  Understand & Explain!!!

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