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Highest daily NAV of the Pinnacle fund in first 7 years,

ICICI Pru Pinnacle is a unit linked insurance policy that offers the advantage of varying exposure to equities along with
downside protection, so that your investments are protected in financially volatile times. It also offers a limited premium
payment term while allowing you to enjoy insurance protection for a longer period.

Guaranteed NAV Pru Pinnacle at a glance

- In this product, we guarantee the highest Net Asset Value (NAV) recorded on a daily basis, in the first 7 years of the fund, subject to a minimum of Rs.10.
- The guarantee will be applicable only at maturity. The period of 7 years starts from the date of launch of Pinnacle Fund and will end on the completion of 7-years(from 24-Oct-2009 to 24-Oct-2016).

Key benefits of ICICI Pru Pinnacle
Guaranteed NAV: get the benefit of the highest NAV recorded on a daily
basis, in the first 7 years of the fund, at maturity.
Limited premium payment term:  pay premiums for only 3 policy years.
Additional allocation: added to your fund at maturity.
Death benefit: in the unfortunate event of death, the nominee receives

the higher of Sum Assured (reduced by partial withdrawals) and Fund
ICICI Pru Pinnacl

1. Premium Payment                            - 3 years
2. Term                                                   - Rs.50,000 per annum
3. Minimum Premium                          - Half yearly/Yearly
4. Modes of Premium                            - 8 / 65 years
5. Payment                                             - 10  years
6. Min/Max Entry Age                          - 75 years
7. Policy Term                                        - 5 X Annual Premium
8. Maximum Maturaty Age                  - Premium and any benefit amount received
9. Minimum Sum                                  - Under this policy will be eligible for the tax
10. Assured                                             - Benefit as per the prevailing
11. Tax Benefit                                        - Income Tax laws.

How does the policy work?

1. You need to choose the premium amount and Sum Assured for the policy.
2. After deducting the premium allocation charge, the balance amount will
be invested in Pinnacle Fund.
3. At maturity, the higher of Fund Value (Units X NAV) and Guaranteed Value
(Units X Guaranteed NAV) as on the maturity date, along with the
Additional Allocation shall be payable.
4. In the unfortunate event of death during the term of the policy, the
nominee shall receive higher of the Sum Assured (reduced by partial T&C 2
withdrawals) and Fund Value. The Guaranteed NAV will not be applicable.


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