Being a Netizen we people has many plans to start a web in mind. The main things which drags back an startup company are
1) Management Skills of the person
2) Investment
3) User reach of the website

I, Lakshmi Deepak Kandru wants to help you people in crossing the hurdles of an startup. I may not be helping you in first two concepts or topics. I wanna share a lil knowledge which I have in third concept i.e. how to get users to your website. It comes a lil bit under SEO. Getting the initial users for our web is one of the most difficult tasks for any startup company. As our target is online users then a good ranking on google will solve the problem to a good extent. As getting links from other  websites goes a long way in obtaining a good ranking on Google. To get some linkbacks for our site we must Firstly develop a good set of keywords related to the concept of your website, as well as content in the web, then  secondly write brief as well as concise description of website and keep a logo of your website handy so that you can upload that whenever required.

There are 6 websites specialize in writing about Indian startups. So try to get your website profiled on all these 6 websites which completes a good chunk of seo for your web.

Best of Luck To (To-be)Enterprenures

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